OVA Acoustique cabinets liberate the full potential of broadband loudspeakers while respecting the recording in the finest detail without impairing it one bit. We invite you to explore this bold new world.

The magic of the medium range

Listening to OVA loudspeakers is a heart-to-heart that grips me, pierces me, makes my heart race. Warm voices and delicate music come to life inside me. My body and soul are plunged into a deep, vast – almost spatial – world of well-being. I am no longer alone.

The loudspeakers give me the feeling that I’m multiplying, that I’m manifold, living in three-dimensional harmony with the sounds. My inner music is unveiled, making my ears and heart rejoice, filling me to the core. Yielding a sound so pure, so profound, so touching, they speak louder than my soul. I quiver with joy and want to listen more and more to every musical repertoire.

Jean-Marc Jung

Space and depth

 I made an appointment for a listening session… that’s when I understood the acoustic dimension: the purity of sound, the depth and unbelievable warmth.

    A choice I’ve never regretted for an ever intense pleasure of listening.

Frédéric Nussbaum

Stunning dynamics

OVA loudspeakers guarantee exceptional listening comfort, adapting to every type of music. The proximity between the source and the ear is surprising and creates the illusion of being in the front row of the best concert halls at every instant. A rare range in tune with perfection.

Pierre Zeidler

Organic design

Die Lautsprecher von OVA sind sensationell, endlich habe ich die Möglichkeit eine höchst authentische Wiedergabe von live Aufnahmen im Wohnzimmer wieder zu erleben. Ein Genuss für Ohren und Augen.

OVA loudspeakers are sensational. At last I can listen to an authentic reproduction of live recordings.  A real delight for eyes and ears.

Marc Stutz-Boukouya