OVA Acoustique cabinets liberate the full potential of broadband loudspeakers while respecting the recording in the finest detail without impairing it one bit. We invite you to explore this bold new world.

The magic of the medium range

« Here’s what emerges (with the right recordings…):
– Presence and spatialization, edifying musicality…
– Clarity, dynamics, transients and striking impacts; no dragging
– Openness, spread, depth and coherence of the sound scene: it’s in 3D !
– Clean, dry, precise, fast, accurate bass, satisfactory level and impact for the size of the speaker and the HP LB sound.
– Timbre of voices of great richness, grandiose choirs
– Comfortable listening, whatever the position in the room and whatever the level of the volume control
– Your DAC, your modulation cables and my Litz wire speaker cables constitute a very good association with the SUGDEN class A
– No feeling of hearing fatigue; Just music !  »        

Jean Faure