Discover here a selection of albums with remarkable recording qualities,
where the alchemy between the artistic content and the sound reproduction is amazing.
We indicate for each album :

  • the format : 16 bit (CD) or 24 bit (high definition, HD)
  • the sampling frequence : 44,1 kHz (CD) up to 192 kHz (HD)
  • the dynamic range (DR)

Víkingur Ólafsson.- « Philip Glass-piano works »

Deutsche Grammophon, 2017. 24 bit/96 kHz – DR13.

A small marvel of interpretation for the celebration of Philip Glass’ 80 years.  » At first hearing,, one would say that they are full of repetitions, but the more they are played and the more one thinks about it, the more the musical narration seems to develop into spirals. My approach to each of the works is to enable the listener to create his own space for personal reflection. » V.Olafsson.
Perfect recording from C.Tarnow and K.Zimmerman with the Genuim record philosophy.

Vivaldi.-« Vespri per l’Assunzione di Maria Vergine »

Naive, 2004. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR13.

Splendid work from Rinaldo Alessandrini for this compilation of various Vivaldi’s sacred compositions. The solo singers and musicians are of perfect accuracy at the heart of emotion (divine performance of Sara Ringando on the Nisi Dominus). Beautifully recorded. Mastering by M. Poussin.

 Joachim Kühn – « Beauty & Truth »

Act Music, 2016. 24 bit/96 kHz – DR10.

A rejuvenation for this great pianist, from The Doors eclectic musical curiosity to SHP reggae… A passionate and groovy trio from beginning to end. At 70, his play goes straight to the point, full of finesse and power. Mixed and mastered par Adrian von Ripka.

London Grammar.-« If you wait »

Because music, 2013. 24 bit/44,1 kHz – DR8.

Haunting discovery of the year 2013, the sublime voice of Hannah Reid with in-depth wonderful arrangements, worthy of a cinemascope.

Product by Tim Bran and Roy Kerr.

Ibrahim Maalouf & Oxmo Puccino.-  » Au pays d’Alice… »

M’ister, 2014. 24 bit/44,1 kHz – DR09.

In one sense, it’s Lewis Caroll, in the other, it’s Oxmo Puccino, on a subtile and groovy case from the prolific Mr. Maalouf whose instrumental version confirms the wealth of the partition. For this enlightened journey, Mix by Vincent Joinville, and Pierre Puzy at the mastering.

Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita – « Transparent water »

Harmonia Mundi, 2017. 24 bit/96 kHz – DR13.

This album is a small, delicate and hypnotic jewel. It invites us to an inner journey, to connect ourselves to the elements and to the discovery of the wealth of music of the various continents. With such an opus, one sees clearly that, when the dynamics are maintained, the 24 bit really enhances the perception of the music.

Mixed and mastered by Steve Argüelles and Philippe Teissier.

Anouar Brahem – « Souvenance »

ECM Records, 2014. 24 bit/96 kHz – DR12.

 » Des événements extraordinaires sont venues soudainement ébranler le quotidien de millions d’individus. Nous sommes projetés vers l’inconnu, avec des peurs, des joies et des espoirs immenses. Ce qui se passe dépasse notre imaginaire. Il m’a fallu longtemps avant de pouvoir écrire cette musique. » A. Brahem.

Mixé et mastérisé par Manfred Eicher, Anouar Brahem, Stefano Americo, Michel Rast.

Bebo & Cigala.-« Làgrimas Negras »

BMG 2004, 2014. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR11.

A legendary recording session between the octogenarian Bebo Valdès and the mesmerizing Spanish singer Diego El Cigalla, accompanied with cuban cream. The dynamic range and integrity of this set produce 9 sublime and overwhelming tracks.
Mixed by Pepe Loeches and masterised by Alan Silverman.

Archive.-« Londinium »

Island record, 1996. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR9.

Premier album envoûtant du mystérieux « collectif » Archive. Monument hors du temps digne de Dark side of the moon. Une production admirable perlée d’un flux mélodique trippant mais toujours contenu et de textes profondément inspirés. L’écoute de la voix de l’iranienne Roya Arab survolant Headspace », restituée en son 5.1 sur une chaîne hifi stéréo de bonne facture, nous relève toute la perfection de cet opus. Mixé et mastérisé par Archive.

Agnes Obel – « Aventine « 

Pias Label, 2013. 24 bit/44,1 kHz – DR8.

An invitation to sit with her in her living, in an atmosphere of gentleness and clarity.

Mix by Agnès Obel. Mastering by Martin Englert.

Melanie De Basio – « No deal »

Pias Label, 2013. 24 bit/44.1 kHz – DR10.

A little jewellery of 33 minutes to be listened to in its entirely.

Mixed by Jean Vanesse and recorded by Dre Pallemaerts.

Lisa Simone – « All is well »

Laborie Jazz, 2014. 24 bit/44,1 kHz – DR8.

Discovered at the Wolfijazz Festival (France), with an amazing musical sound. A stunning and catching presence. And what a pleasure to recapture faithfully, on the OVA V4 speakers, that breath of fresh air from this album mixed by Philippe Laborie.

Michel Godart – « Monterverdi, a trace of grace »

Carpe Diem Record, 2011. 24 bit/192 kHz – DR11.

An excellent recording by Jonas Niederstadt at the Abbey of Noirlac (France). In « A trace of grace », time stands still through his fetish instrument : the snake.

Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder – « Talking Timbuktu »

World Circuit, 1994. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR15.

A timeless encounter betwen an african blues master and the performer of the Paris, Texas original sound track. Two big names of blues and jazz united in an acoustic session for an incredible album.

Recorded by Mark Ettel / Larry Hirsch / Jim Champagne.

Hadouk Trio – « Live at FIP »

Celluloid Record, 2004. 16 bit/44,1 kHz- DR8.

A session enhanced by the FIP engineers (french radio station). Often missing from the bins, a reissue came about in 2014.

Mixed perfectly by Pascal Besnard and mastered by Yves Delaunay-.

Chinawomen – « Party girl »

Note On Label, 2007. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR11.

Minimalistic, hypnotic, dark and penetrating atmosphere in unison with a deep voice delivering sharp lyrics. A romantic nugget that grabs our guts (listen to Party girl-party mix-). Self produced. Recorded by Michelle Gurevich (chinawomen) and masterised by Peter Jensen.

Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer – « Gladiator »

DECCA,2007. 16 bit/44,1 kHz – DR10.

Classic original soundtrack of the film with all the Hans Zimmer’s genius (inspired by Wagner and Holtz) and Lisa Gerrard’s aerial realm (Dead Can Dance) which carries us onto the « Now we are free… ». A must.